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Red Al Haslah Card
Private Label Card (Not Cobranded)? Accepted only at e-Dirham G2 merchants. Safe online government and non-government service purchases at cheaper transaction fees at e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities' websites. Safe over the counter government and non-government service purchases through point of sale terminals EFTPOS at e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities.

EIPG: Online Payment, eCommerce, Credit Cards

Payments can be made via the internet with highest protection and security levels through the e-Dirham G2 payment gateway.  You will be able to enjoy cheaper transaction fees if you use your e-Dirham Al Haslah cards to pay for e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities’ online services. As well for the Blue Al Haslah Prepaid Card you can make any online purchases where Visa is accepted.

Pay for eService fees on e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities’ websites:

  1. This screen will appear after selecting your eService(s) on the e-Dirham G2 merchants’ websites.
  2. Please select your preferred mode of payment – e-Dirham G2 Cards or Credit Cards. (If you choose e-Dirham G2 cards, you will be asked to enter your card number and your 8 digit passcode.
  3. Please fill in the required information.
  4. Please click “Submit” to move forward, “Help” in case help is needed or “Cancel” to cancel the operation.
  5. Please review the transaction summary then click “Confirm” to action the transaction, “Edit” to adjust the details or “Cancel” to cancel the operation.
  6. Please click “Continue” to return to the main webpage.
  7. Please click “Save” to save a copy of the transaction receipt.
  8. Please click “Print” to print the transaction receipt.

Credit Cards:

The new system will accept payments through any Master or Visa Credit Cards via Points of Sale Terminals (EFTPOS) and the Internet (EIPG).

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