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Red Al Haslah Card
Private Label Card (Not Cobranded)? Accepted only at e-Dirham G2 merchants. Safe online government and non-government service purchases at cheaper transaction fees at e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities' websites. Safe over the counter government and non-government service purchases through point of sale terminals EFTPOS at e-Dirham G2 subscribed entities.

Typing Centres/Service Centres

Below are the typing centres/service centres participating in the edirham G2 system:


Typing Centres/Service Centres Emirate Contact Number
Moamala Businessmen service center LLC Dubai 042505566
Al Shamil Business Men Services Sharjah 068822271
Palmira Typing & Photocopy Abu Dhabi 025526363
AL Amin Typing Bureau Abu Dhabi 026269559
Bader Al Budoor Management Services Abu Dhabi 046667761
Balqis Typing and Photocopying Office Al Ain 037621080
Meryal Typing & Photocopy Office Al Ain 037645361
Asia Typing Office (Fujairah) Fujairah 092232840
Al Naseem Typing & Doc. Copying Sharjah 092386021
Ziad Document Copying Sharjah 065748423
Java Typing and Document Copying Sharjah 065746466
Al Bidaya Manag. Consultancy Sharjah 065638727
Alaah Typing & Photocopying Office Umm Al Quiwain 067656592
City Line Typing & Copying Dubai 042622889
Forty Paper Processing Fujairah 092242727
Right Way Typing Est Dubai 042261339
Nile Typing Office Fujairah 092223269
Al Husn Typing Sharjah 092446220
Al Jamal Typing Sharjah 092443132
Al Reda Photocopy Abu Dhabi 026420267
Alexandria Typing Sharjah 065662755
Babil Typing Services Fujairah 092227793
Bedour Typing Center Sharjah 065630635
AlJawdah Translation Services (Falcon) Ras Al Khaimah 072289551
Typing House Fujairah 092360059
Bin Habib Typing Centre Abu Dhabi 026455784
One Stop Document Clearing Dubai 043431433
Tasheel Businessmen Services Fujairah 092431919
Tasheel Typing,Photocopier & Documents Clearing Ras Al Khaimah 072260920
Dhafir Development & Contracting L.L.C  Dubai 043315965
Inter Emirates Cleaning Equip.Tr.Est. Sharjah 065722021
Al Hayat Administrative Services Dubai 043532002
Al Hijaz Administrative Services Sharjah 065663362
Al Hsayat Typing & Documents Clearing Ras Al Khaimah 072278936
Al Jameel Typing & Documents Copying Sharjah 065635839
Al Marjan Typing & Photocopy           Fujairah 092233842
Al Sabeel Typing Center   Umm Al Quiwain 067663453
Al Sadaqah Typing & Document Copying Sharjah 065661862
Al Sahil Typing Centre  Sharjah 065362173
Al Saqr Al Arabi Doc. Typing & Copying   Sharjah 065752447
Al Soor Documents Typing & Copying Sharjah 065735237
Al Thiqa Multi Services Center Sharjah 065453600
Bashir Typing & Photocopying Dubai 042583374
Jabal Al Yasmeen Typing Office            Al Ain 037817192
Medi Express Service                      Dubai 042727772
Al Shamalyah Business Men Services Sharjah 092372377
Al Maha Typing & Photocopying(Br)   Dubai 042625899
Abu Dhabi Fishermen Co-Operative Sociaty Abu Dhabi 026732211
Al Mustnad Businessmen Services, VIP Fujairah 092227241
Pricewaterhousecoopers Dubi Br. Dubai 043043100
Sameeha Typing & Photocopy Office /Daniyas Typing Abu Dhabi 02-5835414
Al Fateh Typing & Photocopy Abu Dhabi 026416320
Brothers Typing & Photocopying Abu Dhabi 026782878
Dana Type Writing & Photocopy Abu Dhabi 026340639
Al Kamal Typing Bureau Abu Dhabi 026331538
Wadima Typing & Photocopying Office Al Ain 037216195
Wadi Aldhid Typing &Photocopy Services  Dubai 043490412
Masafi Typing Fujairah 092564233
Saoud Typing Fujairah 092232300
Modern Typing Office Sharjah 092387452
Al Manal Typing & Document Copying Sharjah 092370201
Al Moumin Typing & Document Copying Sharjah 065745496
Tasareeh Business Men Centre Sharjah 065239105
Al Awail Typing and Photocopying Office Abu Dhabi 025824111
Future Service Fujairah 092249185
Bayanat Al Emarat Ras Al Khaimah 0723337611
AlSaqir Business Men Services Center Sharjah 065669090
AlTaleb Services Ras Al Khaimah 072260228
Ajman E-Business Services CO.LLC Ajman 067425474
Tasaheel General Services Abu Dhabi 024491949
Mostanadat E-Business Ajman 067418282
Itqan Business Service Dubai 042327333
Estemarat Services LLC  Ajman 067030303
Tasheel Consultancy Documentation LLC Fujairah 092249050
Ontime Business Solution Dubai 042525000
Tassheel Business Centre (Twar) Dubai 042636622
Estemarat Services LLC  Sharjah 065139333
Al Malomat Typing & Docum. Copying Center Sharjah 065733350
AL Reaya Service Al Ain 037620007
Moaamalat Documents Clearning Umm Al Quiwain 067679676
Durah Al Ain Typing Office Al Ain 03-7660065

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